Monday, March 14, 2011

Coconut Oil Hair Massage

I must rave about my favorite treatment here. Its called a Coconut Oil Hair Massage. (If youre here in Gokulum, I go to Subbu's tel:2511799/ on the main road in Gokulum across from Nalpak). Beauty salons in general are for women only, so there's a relaxed vibe going in already knowing that its a secret world just for us girls.

In order to protect our clothes we get these sleeveless moo-moo's (pictured below) so comfortable and allows for easy access to back and shoulder massage during treatments for the head.

The hot coconut oil they use smells AMAZING!! Like macaroon cookies (which I love) and the woman patiently parts my hair section by section to rub it into my scalp.

After she gets in on the scalp, she massages my face with amazingly strong hands and soft fingers that find pressure points I never knew I had. She massages my neck, shoulders and arms and works the oil into all of my hair.

When its all set in (45minutes later) they wash it out and blow dry to the softest hair ever! All of this for 175ruppees (just under $4).


  1. Ah... Finally something... that I would be into... Sounds lovely!

  2. Wow, sounds heavenly, AND you put the phone number!!! thank you!!! will add it to cannot wait to try it now... Ohhh I miss Mysore! and I miss you!

  3. Yes, girls! it is amazing. And affordable enough to indulge in regularly :)

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